Join us July 16-22, 2015

cellochan Mission
To help students experience the joy of music-making;
To employ the cello as a tool in the work of self-esteem;
To cultivate service to others through music

CelloChanWoods is a unique retreat for cellists. Students learn how to access a deeper level of concentration, center themselves, and define the artistic process more clearly. The methods taught at CCW include exercises developed by Janos Starker, movement classes given by Suzanne, and guest presentations. * Natalie Haas, the well known Celtic cellist will be our guest this year. Cellists who attend CelloChanWoods will leave with greater mental clarity and a deeper understanding of the difference between force and power in cello playing. They will understand their mistakes from a larger perspective, gaining more confidence in their unique gifts.

The daily schedule is designed to help students move through several stages. Mornings begin with the inner work on bringing together mind and body. Activities include beginning centering meditation, relaxation work, supervised individual practice, improvisation, and more. Outdoor activities include swimming, hiking, boating, and the unique "buddy walk." Evenings are devoted to discussion, team building, other evening events, and private time.


"When motion and stillness merge in our playing, the music flows with no obstructions." Suzanne Smith