Camper's Words

" has been a really exciting experience, and I am so appreciative of relationships I have built here. I hope to reflect upon this experience a lot as I continue to explore cello playing and teaching."
"What a privilege it has been to spend these past four days with this community! The format of the mornings really did prepare for the rest of the day creating peace and new knowledge."
"I learned a lot about just relaxing. It's pretty funny how hard it is to just let go."
"Playing the cello is hard. It can be elusive and frustrating..... But I want to play. And more than that, I need to play. I need to play more than I'm afraid to fail. So I keep going."
"For me, creating music is challenging...I feel that I'm pushing myself away from it. I don't consciously want that to happen but for some reason ....... letting go of my protective tensions is terrifying. I don't think I have any idea of what being fully relaxed feels like, but I imagine that I could do so much more, not just in music, but in every area of my life."
"Music is everywhere, just waiting to be captured. I interpret, I look at the lake, and I see the rhythm of ripples, blades of grass dancing to with the breeze. My heart keeps time as my emotions create a dynamic concert. The orchestra of life and nature never rests and supplies me with music every day. But though I love it, I also envy it."
"The theme of the camp is very unique and I have gotten a lot out of the experience. I feel much calmer and I hope to retain this when I return to my daily activities/schedule."
"The mind is more powerful than the body and with the help of these few days at CelloChanWoods, I understand how to allow them to work together."
"There were deep conversations and surface ones, but I think the time allotted for students to listen and communicate to and with each other was priceless."
"I'm very excited to explore the relationship between stillness and motion and utilize this awareness of my body as it relates to cello playing. The silence rule in the mornings aided this learning. I always wanted to chat with others during snack time and transitions but the reminder (during yesterdays morning talk by Suzanne) about why we remain silent and focused was much appreciated."
"I feel that Trager, combined with the general approach of CelloChanWoods, is helping me to find the connection between cello, mind and body. I can see in students that they feel the same. Although we have all learned to become aware of many good things, (how to sit, new ways of thinking) we are also more aware of the specific things we have to work on."
"All of the counselors were amazing. Seriously, they did a great job.......I got so much help with my piece, and a lot of tools to work on it in the future."
".... these four short days have helped me greatly as a cellist and person."
"I now know how to practice challenging spots better and, that the music is in me, not in the score."
"..being present/aware while playing, not in my usual worrying-micromanaging way, makes a huge difference in the experience of playing."
"It was an enlightening enterprise, has helped me build more confidence in myself, and clarified the use of my bow arm."
"I don't think there was a person who didn't benefit from the meditation."
* Suzanne in concert with the PhilArbor Consortium.